The American spirit of freedom and independence is alive and well in my heart.

For too long politicians in Washington have fought each other, instead of doing what they were elected to do... Serve the American people!

It's time to get back to upholding the Constitution, family values, and restoring freedom and prosperity to the American people.

The voices of the forgotten 9th district will now be heard !

We are facing a Marxist takeover of our government, and the vast majority of our leaders are either complicit, or they are to cowardly to stand up to it. I vow to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to the American people that I will not stand for this.  Our President needs more fighters by his side. That is what I am a fighter not a politician.



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We Must Restore The Constitution

The constitution was drafted by our founders to protect our God given rights and freedoms.  It is this freedom that has lead us to be the most prosperous nation in the history of the world.  It is this very freedom and prosperity that has caused a sense of complacency. It is this complacency that has caused a loss of vigilance.  It is this loss of vigilance that has eroded our freedoms. Without freedom we can not prosper.  We must restore our constitution to restore our freedom and prosperity. Freedom isn't free it's cost is eternal vigilance in the never ending fight for freedom.  It is this vigilance that encompass the American spirit that we must all embrace.

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An America For The People, Not The Elite

A Government For Of And By The People

This is a nation where the downtrodden have the chance through sheer will and determination have the ability to go from rags to riches.  A nation based upon merit shall be a shining example to the world.  We are not a nation of lobbyists  and special interests that run contrary to this system of merit. When special interests gain access to the lawmaking process the people are cast aside by those who make our laws.

I will be fighting for the freedom that made our system of merit the best in the world I will return the govt to the people. I shall not waiver nor retreat in the face of corruption. By the grace of God and the will of the people this nation shall be restored to GREATNESS.

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