Washington DC is a true swamp of corruption. Elected officials are placing special interests ahead of their constituents.  We must hold their feet to the fire and demand the people come first.  I will place you the people of Michigan's 9th district and all Americans above myself and do what is right and just to ensure freedom and prosperity for all.



Washington DC has turned into a vipers den of corruption and crime. Many elected officials and bureaucrats have engaged in crimes and they all go unpunished. Where as you or 
I would be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Benghazi, Fast and Furious,  Hillary's email scandal, FISA abuses, and of course the attempted overthrow of our duly elected President by those in our government and our lying media.

I will fight to bring the justice that is so important to a free and open society to those that have committed crimes against the American people.  NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.


Economic/ Monetary Policy

The Federal Reserve creates boom and bust cycles for its own benefit while the people suffer.  We have been forced to live in a debt based society with a currency that has nothing to back it up.  I will draft legislation that will audit the Fed to show  the extent of their economic tyranny, I will then draft legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve and have the  U.S. Treasury  issue a gold backed currency to create a more stable economy that can not be manipulated through unscrupulous banking practices.


Life begins at conception.  An expecting child is a blessing from God not an inconvenience.  Since life begins at conception no one  has the right to deny that child his or her God given right to Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. As a constitutional conservative patriot I will draft legislation to overturn Rowe V Wade, and to have the legal system consider the unborn as people 

Religious Freedom

The only way America can overcome it's current tribulations and lead the people to financial and moral prosperity again, is through God Almighty.

I will fight to overturn the Johnson amendment, and return God to our schools, communities, and public lives.


The border must be secured with a wall. That wall shall have doors to allow those that wish to come here by legal means to do so.  Many Americans have been the victims of violent crimes at the hands of people we should never have let in our country. We have doors with locks on our homes to prevent people from entering at will, America is our home and we should treat our country the way we treat our homes and make it safe and secure for our families. I will fight against any open boarder policy and any policy that places non citizens before Americans.


  I will fight to end chain migration and replace it with a merit based system of migration. I will fight to stop federal aid to sanctuary cities and states. We must also change the asylum laws and end catch and release.


Second Amendment

Shall Not Be Infringed

When I'm elected, I will introduce legislation to overturn the Brady Bill, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and any other laws infringing upon 

the rights of law-abiding citizens. I will also introduce a bill cutting funding to states that enforce anti-2nd Amendment laws.


Every child deserves a quality education

I will fight for education reform, and support federal voucher and school of choice programs.

whether enrolled in a public, private, or charter school, the money should follow the student.

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